Proxy Voting for 2023 Annual Meeting of Members

As the authorized representative of an active member school, I hereby appoint the NAIS board secretary (or their designee) to act as the proxy for the member school identified below, solely to vote and act in the manner indicated below at the Association’s Annual Meeting of Members to be held during the NAIS Annual Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada from Monday, February 20th at 4:30 PM PT to Friday, February 24th at 4:00 PM PT, with all the powers an active member would possess if present in person.

Please do not vote if you will attend the Annual Conference.

Voting will occur at the President’s Breakfast on Thursday, February 23, 2023.

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    Proposed amendment to the NAIS Articles of Incorporation:

    "Meetings of members of the Corporation shall be held at any location, whether or not in the commonwealth of Massachusetts, as approved by the Board of Trustees or otherwise approved in accordance with the Corporation's bylaws."

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    Proposed Trustees’ Slate for the NAIS Board of Trustees

    Second Term Trustees--Madeleine Hewitt and Adam Weinberg